At Vicki’s Lunchbox our lunches are made fresh daily consisting of the most high-quality and wholesome ingredients available. For instance, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables accompany each and every lunch order, while baked chips and pretzels are offered instead of French fries. Items such as our Chicken Teriyaki Bowl and Veggie Burrito can replace pizza, and bottled water, milk and 100% all natural fruit juice are offered in lieu of soda. Additionally, we are excited to announce that our program now offers organic and gluten free options as well as locally grown produce which our current clients are very excited about!

Our Commitment to Fresh Nutrition

  • We serve only fresh and high-quality ingredients, and consciously avoid fried foods, preservatives and high-fructose syrups
  • Children enjoy delicious meals that appeal to their taste buds, while parents appreciate and applaud the balance and nutrition we deliver
  • Lunches are made onsite at the school or are prepared and delivered immediately before being served

Each lunch contains an entrée, fresh fruit and vegetable, a side (along with a napkin and all required utensils). Our lunches are packed with a homemade touch and labeled with the student’s name, school and classroom, as well as the contents of the meal.

All standard meals are the same price, regardless of which entrée, sides and beverage options you choose. We also offer a smaller Meal option, designed for younger children with smaller appetites (usually Pre-K and younger), which comes with smaller portions and is lower in cost. For older children with an increased appetite, we offer a Double Portion meal with a slightly higher cost.

Note that some of Vicki’s Lunchbox food items may include nuts, dairy products, gluten or other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for certain individuals. We are not responsible for allergic reactions to any of our food items. If you have feedback on how we can improve our menu, please send us an email.