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Our Program
At Vicki's Lunchbox we prepare and serve our lunches fresh daily either on-site at school kitchens (if facilities are available) or via delivery each day immediately prior to lunch time. In our 20 years of experience serving schools in Los Angeles area, we've come to understand that each school is very different. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with you as our partner to assess which method best suits you and your organization's needs.
Similarly, Vicki's Lunchbox creates a customized menu for each school and organization. We work with the school administration, lunch committee and parents to craft the ideal menu each school term. We like to be creative!
Our Green, Sustainable Approach
Vicki's Lunchbox has made significant progress toward implementing an eco-friendly, sustainable approach to the way we do business. We have completely eliminated the use of Styrofoam, have reduced our amounts of paper and plastic waste, are using post-consumer products where possible, use an online ordering system (reducing the use of paper and ink), and buy meat and produce locally.
Ordering from Vicki's Lunchbox is quick and simple - it couldn't get any easier! Once your school has signed up with our program, you can order lunches online any time. Parents and children simply log in with their username and password, and in a few clicks can select and pay for lunch orders. It is very important to note that all new orders or changes to existing orders must be placed by Saturday at 11:59 pm for the new orders or changes to be effective the following week. Please keep the following policy in mind while placing new orders. Once you have selected and paid for the days you would like to receive lunches for you are not able to switch or cancel days. However, you are able to update your menu choices as frequently as you would like within the original days you selected and paid for.
If you're ready to place an order, visit our Ordering Page for simple step by step instructions.
Vicki's Lunchbox now accepts Credit Cards and PayPal as a secure online payment method or mailed checks. Orders are processed once payment has been approved. For your safety and security, credit card information is not stored and must be entered each time you place an order.
Updates to Orders
You are welcome to update your menu choices at any time for your order(s). BUT, please keep the following two policies in mind:
  1. All updates to existing orders MUST be received by Saturday at 11:59 pm to be effective for the following week, and
  2. You are only able to update your menu choices for the days that you have previously selected and paid for. If you would like to start receiving lunches for additional day(s) during the week, you will need to create a new order for those days(s).
Order updates can be made on the order details page in the account section. Click Here to login to your account now.
There will be NO credits or refunds for lunches missed due to absences from school for any reason (illness, vacation, etc.). Additionally, we are not able to cancel orders that have been processed and paid for unless food allergies are involved, at which point we would ask that you Contact Us directly.

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