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About Us
Welcome to Vicki's Lunchbox - we're thrilled you're here!
Vicki's Lunchbox is a family-run business providing school and summer camp hot lunch programs and catering services to the southern California area. From modest beginnings over 20 years ago, Vicki's Lunchbox was founded on a simple, yet increasingly important premise: serve nutritious, tasty and healthy lunches consisting of fresh and high-quality ingredients. While Vicki's Lunchbox currently serves thousands of lunches per day, each lunch is still prepared with individual care and a homemade touch - key characteristics which have made the program a resounding success. We are committed to nutrition and believe that guiding children to make healthy food choices will empower them to make smart nutrition and lifestyle decisions throughout their lives.
Little boy with fruit.
Vicki's Lunchbox is a win-win for all involved! Parents appreciate the convenience of not having to pack a lunch each day, while knowing that their child will be nourished with a diverse selection of fresh and tasty lunch options. School and Camp Administrators commend the organized and seamless nature of the lunch program and value the program's flexibility. We collaborate with our partner schools and camps to customize their menu and program to meet their organization's unique needs. And most important, children love the healthy and delicious food! Vicki's Lunchbox does Kosher programs as well, and when we do, a different kitchen is used and it is under the supervision of Rabbi Bukspan.
We are a full service partner, too -- beyond just lunch! We offer our clients a wide range of catering options from simple refreshments to three course meals. Whether it's a school carnival, PTA breakfast meeting, staff meeting, sporting event, or a school fundraiser, as a true partner we are committed to supporting you year round!